Rasmus Kyhn-Hansen (born 1977)

Master of Laws. University of Copenhagen. Attorney at Law, Senior Legal Counsel and Associate General Counsel.

Independent legal consultant since 2018 specializing in offshore oil/gas and wind and other business consultancies.

CV includes among others:

  • Partner and co-owner of law firm with 80 employees.
  • Extensive experience with complex international contracts from both the developer and supplier side.
  • Associate General Counsel and Senior Legal Counsel in Semco, Maersk Oil & Gas Denmark A/S / Total E&P Denmark A/S.
  • Various board posts.

Outside the niche area, Rasmus Kyhn-Hansen delivers corporate legal services for companies within their normal needs during operation of their respective businesses. He is used to be the trusted legal advisor for companies and delivers solid legal solutions matching the specific requirements – case by case.